October Favourites and fashion finds ~

It's finally here! Finally cleaned up this post and properly consolidated all my favourites in October :) let's jump right in 

Fashion favourites 

I got so many things in the month of October! But my favourites are pretty clear - so here they are, my absolute wardrobe must-haves for October.

1. Topshop Folk Oversized Check Shirt 
I got this flannel for $50 last year from Topshop when it was on sale. 
I think this flannel is just so much better because of the embroidery - super subtle but are also just such a special touch to your average flannel. 

I tried finding a fit online but it's in a different colour (slightly)
And here's when I wore it the other day! 
Paired it with my Lilac Kanken, H&M crop top, Zara shorts and my white Fred Perry sneakers :) really loved the look a lot! 

2. American Apparel Tennis Skirt in True Blood 
Attached a link to the skirt in case you want to purchase it! I've actually been wearing these with safety shorts underneath (this is a pretty obvious need). But I really like how Highwaisted it is and also just how rich the maroon colour is! I've been pairing it with everything and it just fits so perfect :) major major love.

3. Fred Perry Hopman White Leather Shoes

I've been really loving white shoes this month! Particularly these, I find myself gravitating to this particular pair. I'm extra careful with these though because my normal white sneakers I use in school are always coming out grey real quick - although I'd say it's actually really easy to care for these shoes which is a real plus. A FAVE because it's completely versatile and casual but also slightly edgy - just what I need.

4. Lilac Kanken Mini
Aside from my Furla Bucket, I actually really like this backpack! It's so great for bringing out on a shopping day - a good water bottle, jacket - fits perfectly inside. Carrying a normal Kanken was kind of too big for me since it'd probably only be half full - hence I'm actually really content with this size. I'd still insist this as one of my best buys ever from Carousell any day ;) 


This month's food faves are definitely quite different! Just wanted to bring something new to the table :) 

1. Fried Fish Bee Hoon 
There's this really amazing store that sells an amazing Fried fish Bee Hoon soup at Cherry Avenue - try it out please! The soup is really really nice and thick a consistency - really fragrant too. The noodles are nice and springy and well cooked, and the best part is the fried fish! Has quite a bit of bones but it's perfectly fried and the meat is seriously seriously so good. I've been going back quite a few times to have it so it's a new discovery! 

2. Mayim Handmade La Mian Noodles
Honestly, when I order these I love the noodles best! Chinese handmade noodles are sooooo good and completely different from any other noodle you see in other cultures - especially the taste. I think so far in terms of thickness, taste etc Mayim really has it hands down. I do try to order it dry because the sauce that coats the noodle is better than soup for me :) check them out at West Mall! 

3. Bar Bar Black Sheep
My family has been really gravitating towards this place lately! It's been such an adventure for our tastebuds every single time we visit - and the different types of cuisines offered ensure that everyone is satisfied especially when we are split on what we want to have :) strongly recommend this place! 

Fashion finds 
I actually haven't gotten anything in October that hasn't been shown yet! So that's really good. 

Some new shows that I've been trying out 
Since I isn't really have any fashion finds I'll just talk about what I've been watching, and just some new shows! 

1. Constantine
 - super good acting, do not watch this before you sleep it was the scariest night of my life XD. But it's really good! Kind of like a mild horror, although it is that when I sleep my imaginary runs wild. It's sad that it's a cancelled show because when I watched the full season 1 it was absolutely amazeballs so I seriously hope someone picks it up soon! 

2. Shark Tank
 - a show where investors meet entrepreneurs and decided whether they want to invest their own money in these startups. I actually find this really cool to watch! It really does let your learn a lot about not just investing but also owning a business and building one from an idea which I find very insightful and educating. It's also actually very suitable for young ages as they don't really use much difficult terminology. 

3. Supergirl 
- loving this new feminine approach to the famous superhero Superman. I really love how they're changing up the game with her and it's just such a cool concept to bring into TV. So far I've been loving it a lot :) 

This are the only new shows that I've discovered! I'll let you guys know about my November ones super soon haha :) hope you liked it! Really sorry it's late :/ 



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