Getting phone camera lenses off of Lazada ~

Hey guys! So a while ago during a Halloween event I actually won a $15 voucher from Lazada with no minimum spending. 
The online process was quite vigorous because the app is still relatively new hence I think it's harder to use (kind of disorganised etc) 

It was also kind of difficult because this coupon could only be applied after you enter all your credit information (which is kinda weird) but okay I get it. The item I got was 14.90+ so it was just right below $15. 

It actually arrived after around 2-3 weeks? I think if you order it and they are shipping within Singapore you'll get it a lot faster but mine was imported from overseas :) 

The package! 
It was actually really well packaged - bubble wrap, foam pads inside of the package so that it won't get crushed and damage the goods inside. 

And here's what I got! 
More shots of what I got. 
So I'm actually really surprised how well made the items are considering the price. The black phone case has a special spiral thing around the camera area so you can screw on all the lenses (fisheye, filter and macro). It's a little hard to use though, because when I remove it I notice these weird small dents on my phone so yea :/ 
Also wanted to talk about the other stuff! The cloth is for wiping the lenses, and I'm actually quite impressed they give you a cloth bag to store all your lenses. Furthermore, the lenses come with caps of their own made of a rubbery sort of material - ensuring it stays on tight. Another thing that comes in really handy is the clip which basically allows you to use the lens on the front facing camera as well. For me though, I think it's also very applicable since I don't want to change my phone case and I can pretty much clip my lens on the back of my phone with my current case on so you wouldn't have to change cases every  time you wanted a lens on which is very very convenient and also good for preventing all those horrible dents in the corners of my phone that originally came from me removing the black case. 

Overall, I think that the whole entire process of ordering and delivery was super smooth! Lazada isn't as handy as Carousell for me though, just because I do think it's more for consumer electronics and not fashion etc. But I do recommend you order from them as they are very safe and trustworthy - I even got constant notifications regarding my package! 

I'm still exploring the lenses I got myself, so I can't do a review - I do see a visible difference, but I really want to take more test shots and let you guys know soon. So there'll be a part 2! 

Hope you guys liked this short post and thanks for reading ❤️❤️❤️ I'm also planning a Christmas giveaway so stay tuned! 



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