Hong Kong Trip Day 4 - Causeway Bay,

Hey~ Day 4's here! 

 Day 4 was kind of different because much of my day was spent visiting relatives so not much pics sorry! Let's jump right in ;) 

American Eagle Outfitters had a huge sale :0
And Times Square had this super cool Star Wars setup! I took tons of photos so here they are :

Entering Times Square
More Star Wars 

Went into Topshop! 
Realised it was the first one I had seen around so I honestly don't think Topshop is super huge in Hong Kong? Also it's more expensive than Singapore and had too many fall and winter things so I didn't try on anything :) 

Went to Stanley! 

Stanley is famous for its beach and the boardwalk has this really awesome view 
Going into H&M 
H&M! Got some small things :) will show you what I got at the end! 
Visited GOD 
Store had some seriously weird stuff
Going into Homeless

And then I took a pano of this bridge where they hang all these multicoloured signs! 
Took a photo there :) 
Leaving Stanley! 
I went back to Tsim Sha Tsui afterwards (just to hang around) 
Saw this cool set up fully made out of light bulbs! 
Really want to get these Sailor moon things from Japan omg ;-;

Stylenanda at I.T.
Heading to another part is TST
Went to Monki again ;) didn't get anything though! 
Walked around Miramar mall as well. It kind of has different stores, mostly imported ones but it is on the pricey side. This mall is really popular though, and I can see why because the stuff there is honestly quite unique. 
Walking along Parklane which just had some stores such as Nike and this other one that carried Cheap Monday
I actually went to Maritime Square and there was this Japanese restaurant at the very bottom! Ordered tons of food - super good 

Beef bowl 
Egg roll 
Portions were really huge so I had leftovers for breakfast the next day :0 

I also bought some Starbucks iced chocolate! 
They have tons of powders here 
More shots of my drink ;) was thinking about instagramming that but decided not to in the end. 
Okay so here's what I got! 2 little accessories from H&M 
The first are some Alien earrings from their Halloween line and the second are just some hair ties. 
I love using these hair ties because not only do they look really cute tied up on your arm they also don't pull your hair so hard that you get this weird imprint thing after you remove your hair tie (which is really bad for you because it causes bald spots apparently). 

Although I don't have piercings, I got the earrings to make them into a necklace. Will probably do a DIY? Sounds kinda fun :) 

Thanks for reading! I'll try to upload as much as possible but unfortunately the remaining days I currently don't have photos for so I'll probably make this my last HK post for perhaps 2 weeks because that's when I'll be back in country and use my computer to upload all the pictures. I'll be doing a post about Sunday Runway clothing, as well as a November Favourites, then continue with the HK trip and then my Japan trip so the holidays will be full of posts! I might not post for a while, even though I do have wifi but it is kind of hard as of now to do a post every single day, but probably more than 1 post a week is definitely possible. Bear with me :)

As always, stay tuned. I'll be doing a Christmas giveaway! 



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