OOTD : American Apparel Black Grid Lulu Set

Hey guys! Here with a cute outfit of the day post here :) it's pretty old and I realised I had forgotten to post it :/ But since I'm still on holiday and I do not have pictures of my Hong Kong trip with me, I thought it would be cool to just post this and have some sort of update.
So here I'm wearing the Lulu Grid top and skirt (which has since been sold) by American Apparel.
Honestly, I sold it it because it was too short for me (considering my body proportions), and I didn't like how poofy the top was, it wasn't really something I could wear with shorts hence I decided to sell it. But I did love the grid pattern very very much so yea :)
Here's a photo of it online! 

While I'm still here, I'll speed things up by posting my collab with Sunday Runway, November favourites and so on so you guys will still have posts! 

Thanks for always reading my blog :) I will be sending a small thank you gift to one of you featuring some items I got in Japan / Hong Kong / clothes. Unfortunately the fact that it has clothes means that the option won't really be very open to males (sorry). 

But yup! That's all for now :) see you soon 



  1. Hi, I have a similar body type and I was just wondering what size you got the skirt and top in? I'm considering getting it and I'd just want to get the right size.


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