Hong Kong Trip Day 2 Part 2 - on the upper floors of Langham , KowloonPark , and shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui


Today I'm going to post up part 2 of Day 2 in Hong Kong!
Back from where I last left off, I was in Langham Place (super gorgeous - already getting super excited for Christmas!)
So in Langham Place there's this really long escalator that brings you floors and floors above to the top floor. But you will miss out on tons of small and really interesting shops if you just go up and down this escalator so I would say it's better to walk your way up/down.
I saw this really cool concept for a storefront!
There are tonssssss of ducks which is basically the mascot of the store :)
Stepped into Bandai Namco~
You normally catch this (there's a huge one) in Japan, but Hong Kong has a really nice mini-sized one with super cute prizes. Been really obsessed with Gudetama lately!
You can catch tons of exclusive prizes here (because it's not being sold in stores as normal merchandise). I'll be going to Japan real soon so I'm definitely gonna get me some Gudetama things while there!

Next, it was time for lunch. I decided to settle with Eurogogo.
I ordered a set combination and it cost me 60HKD in total which is about 10SGD. The portion size was really decent!
On top I have a nice salad with balsamic dressing, tomato soup (soup of the day) and iced lemon tea.
For my lunch I ordered Spaghetti Bolognaise (in case it hasn't occurred to anyone this is my favourite pasta of all time)
Lunch was super good (I was completely stuffed omg)

I actually went to the top floor afterwards!
Thought this was really cool
Going back down!
More shots of Langham Place

They actually played Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde!
I went to the basement floors after on - saw this really cool shoe store!

They also had this super cool Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs collection which I thought was a very interesting concept.

I actually headed to Tsim Sha Tsui after!
Tsim Sha Tsui kinda is a really famous shopping district in Hong Kong. However, it's probably a place you might not want to shop at if you don't have any interest for luxury goods as they have tons of luxury stores everywhere, ranging from Prada, Miumiu to slightly less expensive brands such as Love Moschino. Either way, it's filled to the brim with high-end stores, especially in Harbourfront and Ocean Terminal. However, they do have a huge H&M and a Zara but there's really little stores that offer lower-priced fashion there. I normally go there to window shop really, because even the H&M there tends to be super crowded and I find that a lot of nice items tend to run out of sizes so I would much rather shop at a less crowded area that also has a H&M (most, if not all of the H&Ms in Hong Kong are seriously huge anyway).

Just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping district is a nice and serene park known as Kowloon Park. It's a really famous park, and if you walk around long enough you'll also see tons of super interesting art works (metallic sculptures and stuff like that). I think that if you have the time you should most certainly pay this place a visit, just for a short walk.

They actually have this super cool mosaic by the ladies toilet!

And here I am trying to take step pictures ;)

We left Kowloon Park after around 30-45 minutes, and headed towards the bustling shopping district ;)

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Photo of me by the harbourfront :)

So FYI you can take a boat from here to Hong Kong Island (or you could take the train). I think the train is more convenient for me personally, but going on the ferry is not bad either! It's a short ride but kinda fun.

Checked out Love Moschino afterwards :)

Really wanted that backpack ^ but unfortunately it's made of PU leather which will peel in Singapore's weather.

Alexander McQueen!

Shots of Harbourfront City
I.T. had a super interesting set-up!

I actually stepped into Zara afterwards ;)
FYI I ended buying the white beanie afterwards (as I was flying off so Day 7)

I also visited the H&M!
I tried on this sports bra which I really liked but they didn't have my size :(
Tsim Sha Tsui is also famous for having tons of second hand luxury shops!

I took a picture of this super cool Mint green Crocodile bag by Hermes which just looked hella dope.
I believe it's a Birkin?

And later on I actually went back to Tsing Yi by train to have dinner :) I visited the Bershka at Maritime Square, which also has other stores such as Zara and I.T.
Saw this super cool burgundy baseball/varsity jacket!
Decided not to buy it in the end though as it was kind of expensive :(

And later on that night I actually crossed customs to Shenzhen!
For those who don't know, you can take a train to the HK-China customs and then enter Shenzhen and other parts of China from there. For me though, this was a one night trip.
Literally look ^ and FYI the guy actually carried everything by himself :O

It was around 8+pm by the time we reached so me and my dad went to get some dinner at this Korean restaurant :) (can't remember the name though sorry)
Side dishes!
We ordered a Kimchi Pancake (which was super good)
Also this tofu stew!
and this huge beef hotpot (we did not expect this size)

I actually thoroughly enjoyed this meal! The taste was really authentic, and the whole entire meal cost about 40 SGD which is really affordable considering we ordered such a huge beef hotpot, and normally the cost of the hotpot would already be around 40-50 SGD here in Singapore. We ended up being unable to finish so we packed the pancake :)

And that night we stayed at the Hilton hotel at Shenzhen! It's actually super new - they had just opened a few weeks back.
Here's a sneakshot of my room!

Overall, it was a super good day :) I'll actually be flying to Japan from 8-20 December! So I'll try to properly prepare my drafts and all before I leave so I can just upload it as soon as I reach really nice and quick and you guys will be able to read new material whilst I'm away. But of course, that's given that I can find the internet to do so so please bear with me if I'm slightly inactive for those few days! I'll be doing a November favourites after my Hong Kong trip posts. Thanks for reading~



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