Foodporn : Fluffydxisies cupcakes ~

Hey guys! Today I have some super delicious cupcakes and an amazing instashop to share with you guys! 

I'm sure you remember the fluffy meringues that I was sponsored the last time by @fluffydxisies on Instagram. Well I was pleasantly surprised to hear about round 2, and this time, cupcakes! 
The cupcakes came in a box with the stands to ensure your cupcakes are standing straight and not knocking into one another. 
Here's what they look like! 
My cupcakes were a vanilla sponge, simple and savoury. 

Here are some shots! 

(Sorry if my eyes look swollen it was not a good night's rest) 

But yea! I really really love these cupcakes. I think it takes a lot of talent to produce moist and fluffy cupcakes that are just the right amount of sweetness and have no compromise on presentation at the same time, and fluffydxisies is a great example of such. All of the baked treats I've received so far are absolutely bomb. They also make a great gift, and with Christmas upcoming, I think little baked treats that are not only affordable, delicious but also super cute would be a great present (and also thoughtful + practical) for your loved ones  :) 

Do check them out on Instagram! They have tons of other amazing baked treats that you can try (cake in a jar - the later fad and they have it). The quality is one I can assure is absolutely comparable if not better than bakery ones ;) Plus nowadays a lot of bakeries actually get cakes etc frozen and knowing its fresh and handmade is a real plus~ 

Don't forget to follow them! And thanks for reading :) 



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