Christmas 2015 - Shopping at ZARA sale + try-ons + haul, JUMBO and visiting Christmas WonderLand 2015 @ Gardens By the Bay


Really wanted to do something special since today will be the last day of the year, so I decided it would be super fun to share what I did for Christmas. I had learnt that on Christmas Eve, Zara started their year end sale. Hence, we decided to go shopping at Zara on Christmas Day and check out the deals that they had.

First stop, we went to the Liat Tower Zara (near Wheelock Palace). This is considered the largest Zara in Singapore, or the flagship store in this country, so we have always liked coming here as we find that there is a better selection of items. 

Another plus is that in the recent years because Zara has also built its stores at ION and Somerset 313, you find that there are less people visiting here. This means that during the sale you are more likely to find items that you don't see in other outlets since there's probably more stock available.

So here's what I tried on at the Liat Tower Zara.

The first was this printed romper, on sale for $35.90
It was a really really nice fit, kind of looks like a dress but actually has shorts inside so that means that you can sit any way you like in these ;)
That being said, it had like four small button closures at the back for getting in and out of the romper, making it absolutely impossible to go to the toilet if you ever needed to when out, hence I decided to pass on it.

Another item I tried was this blue denim crop top, on sale for $35.90, as well as their white high-waisted shorts which were also on sale for $35.90.
I didn't end up getting the crop top as it didn't feel worth it for $35.90, and the shorts were a miss for me despite the perfect highwaist fit because I do have wider hips and a smaller waist, and although the shorts fit me at the hips, it was rather loose on the waist hence I decided to let them go and find a better pair elsewhere.

We then visited the ION Zara (the shorts I got from Europe are on sale at the very right of the picture now if you can see)
I actually did end up getting a pair of shorts here, which I will show later.
Next, I went to the Ngee Ann City Zara, but I didn't see anything there so I headed to the last stop, the Somerset 313 Zara.

Decided to an OOTD too :)
I wanted to wear something a little more festive in colours, so I wore my American Apparel Crop Top in the Jungle Leaves design, as well as my American Apparel Tennis Skirt in True Blood. Topped it all off with my Furla Sarah bag as well as my Unif Gosh Boots.
I honestly loved this jacket at Zara, I had been eyeing this denim jacket for so long, but it is so expensive! The original price was $109, and during the sale it was brought down to $69.90. Although I really really wanted this piece quite badly, I decided to pass it up in the end as $70 was not a price I would pay for a denim jacket particularly when it is a thick kind that would be a little too stuffy for Singapore weather.

SUPER QUICK UPDATE just realised that they are now further reduced to $49.90 so I am going to check it out today! (thank god I waited)

Alright, so here is what I did get from Zara in the end! :) (all pictures taken from the ZARA Website)

1. Zara Ripped Denim Shorts, $35.90

I do have a picture of what it looks like on me which I featured in my previous post on my collaboration with Earthdoll

I do think that the sky blue colour of the shorts are definitely better than the model photos (believe they used white light and stuff so it washed out the colour) or it could be a different colour, honestly not quite sure but the reference number is the same. Really love the cut of the shorts! I bought mine in a US 6 as the US 4 was a bit of a squeeze for me due to my wider hips and all. Now I do want to talk about these shorts. When we were at the ION Zara, my mom actually found 2 pairs of US 6 shorts that had different waist sizes. Apparently it can sometimes get stretched if someone tries it on and they like try to squeeze in or something so you should always try to double check the lengths. My US 6 shorts were a less "stretched" pair if you will, so they do fit me well although a tad bit (really really tad bit) loose. 

2. Zara Combined Guipure Lace Top, $35.90

Unfortunately there will be no links for this picture because it is not available on the Zara website, and I did get this at Liat Tower which was the only place that still had this top. 

They only had a size M left, and it fit me perfect so I got it. I really love the delicate lace embroidery on the top and then the flowy chiffon that follows straight after which gives it a really soft look. It also looked particularly nice with the shorts I got from Zara as well so it was a great match. I think it's also a very versatile top as it does look dressy but can also look very casual and fun. Have yet to wear it out, but I can't say I'm not excited for it!

After that, we went to Jumbo for lunch.
We ordered their signature tofu, as well as their fish maw soup (sorry about the toggle of the pictures)
We also ordered these Mocha pork ribs as well as their Nonya style fried fish! My family really enjoy coming here to dine in as the food prices are actually not that bad for the portion and the flavour :)

That night, we went to see the Christmas WonderLand 2015 which was raved all over the news and the social media platforms.
(thought this reminded me of what happened at Miss Universe 2015 HAHA)

Esplanade had some seriously dope lights on! (sorry it was blurry)
Here are some shots on our way!

More of the city skyline!

And we actually took the whole walk to Gardens by The Bay to see the Christmas WonderLand.
super gorgeous lights at the entrance! 

The lights were really really beautiful

 And here's more pictures of the kind of lights you see!
It was so picturesque and almost unreal 

This is the epitome of it all! The magical castle-like setup. There were so many people taking selfies inside it was absolutely amazing :O 

 What the interior looks like
There were also some restaurants and there was one with particularly intricate wall art around it
Took a picture by it! 

 Next we saw the Ice Palace - it's basically a skating rink and snow sled kind of play area for children, and yes it is chargeable. Wasn't really interested in it so we gave it a miss. 
There are actually tons of other stores there as well! I saw Churros Factory and some other dessert/ cafe style booths everywhere. A definite place to visit to have a food tasting ;)

Here are some more pictures we took! 

 Me holding a floating baby :-)
 Better brightness heh
Floating baby solo shot 

That was it! There was a funfair section too but it was closed so I didn't capture any photographs of it as there weren't any lights on. Really wanted a picture of the carousel but oh well :(

Lastly I really wanted to do a short write-up of 2015!
Really wanted to thank all my readers for such an amazing 2015! If not for all of you reading my blog and supporting it with your views, I would have never been able to accomplish all that I have in this year. I have all my collaboration partners to thank as well for giving me to opportunity to work with you guys. Can't wait to come back tomorrow when the new year has begun. I have so much more to share in 2016! To new beginnings, and I hope you all have had a great 2015, and that you all will make the best of these remaining hours of 2015 so you can step into 2016 with no regrets. Happy New Year's Eve!

31 December, 2015


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