Chanel haul: Fall 2015 Pre-Collection Limited Edition Chanel BOY

Hey guys! 

So I'm currently on a two week trip in Europe, and I wanted to share our latest Chanel purchase! 

And just a disclaimer, I'm not trying to brag or be one of those unappreciative kids who are like "look what I bought" I just really wanted to share this moment with you all. Also, I'm not some rich kid who is able to afford a Chanel bag left and right all the time, this will probably be my first and last Chanel bag like ever (not until I earn my own money). Plus, I'll be sharing it with my family. And no, this was not bought with my own money obviously, so I'm not going to say "it's mine" because it's not :) I also want to say that my family do not spend on brand labels often. This is really our first ever Chanel bag and we don't buy branded goods unless we feel that it's a special enough moment. Even then, we never ever spend like crazy in Singapore, we just get normal affordable stuff. But when overseas, we agree on splurging on actual practical (to us) kind of things. So please be nice :))

Honestly, the one Chanel I've ever gotten to wear or use or have around the house was the crystal CC logo which was around $300 SGD and even then I don't wear it very often because I treasure it so much. But just a couple of days ago, my family and I were fortunate enough to make it to Paris (first time!) and we visited the Chanel headquarters / flagship store  (somewhere around Concorde/Madeleine) 

Me being me, I snuck some photos of what it looks like inside.  (but don't be so obvious haha) Keep in mind you will have to wait because there are quite a bit of people! 


We spent pretty long in there contemplating whether to get a bag and also which one. Eventually, we settled for a bag (first ever!) 

So yea it came in this super awesome pretty wrapping (I'm keeping it all) and omg this is so exciting for me haha but let's jump right in! 

Address for the flagship store is on the box, which is 31 Rue Cambon, Paris.

We wanted a really special and kind of classic yet super hipster bag so that everyone could use it :) so we picked the Chanel Boy. This is a limited edition pre-collection item for Fall 2015, which means that once the collection comes out, these bags will no longer be put on sale. 
So much wrapping ~
Okay so here it is! It's a full black with the chains in a gold/brass kind of tone. The normal gold is like super super bright gold which I didn't quite like. This bag is medium sized and I definitely love the quilted detail with the structured kind. Below are just pictures of the inside of the bag and some more pictures of the bag itself. 

This is a very important tip we were given: keep the authenticity card. If you ever sell your bag or any Chanel item, you definitely want to be able to guarantee its authenticity so that's really really vital! I've heard before about many branded bags that people can't sell for much because the owner can't guarantee the authenticity of the item. So be careful! Plus you can use the card if you need repairs or anything to do with your bag/ product :) 

So yup! That's all. Words really can't describe the joy and appreciation I have that my family finally got a Chanel bag, I'm truly truly grateful and thankful that we have the opportunity as well as the capability to afford one :) 

I don't think I'll be styling with this bag too often because I don't want to bring it out too much (so expensive D: ) so I hope yall will understand but I'll try! 

Also, I won't be revealing the exact price (because I can't remember) but it was a few thousand euros and apparently that's the cheapest if you ever buy in store (also tourists will get 13% tax returns on credit card) 

And this is a super wordy post because it's like super cool to finally have a Chanel Bag ❤️❤️❤️

I'll do a full Europe haul when I'm back in sg so stay tune! 



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