Clothing haul: Aeropostale GSS💕

And here comes my FAVOURITE time month of the year : June. It's my birthday month, it's the Great Singapore Sales month, it's also the school holidays month. I went to Orchard yesterday to have a look at the sales which I had heard from my friend who frequents the area had already started. Naturally, still waiting for that 30% off store wide ZARA sale but it's normally at the end of the month so :/ I'll just have to the extra patient :( it's okay though, I managed to buy two tops from Aeropostale :)

Aeropostale is actually a store I first saw when I was in the US two years ago, but at that time it wasn't that huge yet. If any of you know, Bethany Mota had her line at Aeropostale which was all the raves because there were so many pretty items that her line created! Sadly I couldn't get any because shipping and all to Singapore would be really expensive and I don't really think we have any of her items in the Aeropostale here... I was really hyped about the Pretty Little Liars line as well but once again, not available :/ and I'd say that's my only complaint that they make everything available online and they charge you so much more :( 

Anyways, they were having a three for 9.90 each sale! I spied this really gorgeous daisy crop top that I had been eyed on the last time I entered which way maybe a week ago? The RTP was like $29.90 and honestly I'm glad I hesitated and decided to wait on it because I wouldn't have been able to have such a good deal otherwise! I was pulled into the store because I saw this grey constellation like muscle tank and I really loved the design, which then kinda led me to find out about the 9.90 deal. Gotta say though, only two items really caught my attention so we were lucky enough to find another lady who happened to only want one item, so it we all agreed to buy together and get a discount :) thanks kind lady! I think she was a tourist but her daughter was able to speak English so thankfully we all got to save some money and get what we want. The clothes are actually really comfortable, I've had other tees from Aeropostale before and it's always been really nice and soft <3 

I will be doing a look book on these items soon! However it's a little hard as it is now because my photographer hasn't been free much :/ so I can't upload any photos. On our next photo shoot though I'd be sure to get photos on tons of clothes so we could do tons of posts! Byeeeeee



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