Unboxing: Sephora ION opening gift box

Hey guys! 

I'm back today with a super exciting unboxing post for y'all, and it's going to be the Sephora ION Opening Gift Box! 
To give some background information, Sephora was reopening their ION store to where the old Bershka was, and it was publicised that they were going to give out free gift boxes worth around $50 to the first 1,000 people in the queue. Now obviously I was in school at 12pm which was their opening time, but fortunately my mother was out at Orchard and she offered to try and get one for me! 

It took 1.5 hours apparently D: but we still got it in the end, and I thought it would be great to open the box with everyone and just share with y'all what was inside in case you got curious since it's not stated anywhere. 

So here's what's inside! You do get a really well wrapped gift box and a card. 
The card just highlights some opening discounts and exclusives etc :) 
Let's get right into the box which I'm sure you guys are the most interested in ;) 
Upon opening: 
I must say they really gave quite a lot of products this time round! 
They did have some full size, some travel size and some samples in the box. 
Let's get into what they gave! 

To start with, the samples : 
They gave two of each sample, which includes the fresh Soy Face Cleanser, the Sephora primer, Sephora body butter as well as their instant moisturiser + cream :) 

Next up for some other cleansing products 
They provided some waterproof eye makeup remover, a triple action makeup remover cleanser (both travel size), one of their little soaps as well as a full size body wash in lilac (I adore the packaging). 

Last but not least, they had some makeup as well as one more non-Sephora cleanser: 
They gave out a full size Rouge Infusion lippy by Sephora in the Matte Neutrals Peach which was #18. I'm not sure how much they're worth but it smelled very perfume-y to me which I didn't really like. They also have the Glamglow Brightening Mud Treatment as well as Tarteist by Tarte cosmetics which is a lash paint mascara (I've yet to try it out). Again, both products in travel size :) 

Nearly forgot about these! 
Sephora included some of their latest gel makeup remover which has been all the rage lately because it's so cooling. You do get two samples of these so I'm pretty stoked to try them out :-) 

That's it for the Sephora box! I didn't buy anything as I'd recently gotten a ton of stuff from America (America haul coming up next) and I really didn't need any more. 

Will definitely be way more active now as my exams have just ended :-) 

Thank you for reading! 



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