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It’s been so long. I’m back now.

Today I wanted to review one of my most worn shoes - a Bangkok-based brand called Pace Shoes. I first saw them at Public Garden last year, and sadly didn’t get them the first time. It was on my mind the second time round, so I decided to check it out and get myself a pair.

It’s been about half a year since I got my pair of Pace Shoes, and they’ve been an absolute dream.

Let's dive. 

I have literally worn my shoes out in the last 6 months - I wear them everywhere, and they are unbelievably comfortable. They are made of real leather, and they just mold to your feet. I bought mine in the black Mune style at Public Garden during their December show.

Easy, versatile
PS. please don't mind the sole haha I scratched it on something

I love that these shoes are so easy to style and are so versatile. I wore these to a really nice lunch at Marina Bay Sands with a velvet black jumpsuit I got from H&M and it was absolutely perfect. Slip-ons are really trendy now as a form of upgrade to your regular strappy sandals / flip-flops.

I have worn these with cute casual dresses, I love it with long skirts and a camisole (great for the hot weather). Another great look would be to pair these with belted culottes, such as the ones that you can find at The Editor's Market now.

I really enjoy how these shoes can be worn virtually every way - and this is something about their other shoes as well - they are classy, and really easy to wear with everything. They've also maintained very well even over time.

 Really versatile style

Comfortable, breathable

The shoes are really breathable as well. I have an issue with some other sandals I had in the past having no ventilation for some reason and I end up with sweaty feet (TMI, but true).

They don't bite your foot at any point so you can walk around hours in these blister free. The shape of the shoe also make it such that you can definitely transition this style day to night - and with its comfort, they are a must-have.
Material: Premium PU leather with genuine leather trimming sole

Where to buy

If you would like to purchase any other time, you can contact them on their Whatsapp and Instagram! 

Whatsapp: +66 92 268 9746
Instagram: @paceshoes

They have really good after-sales service as well because I contacted the owner about my sole being damaged and she has offered to fix the sole for me free :") which is certainly a plus!

I bought my shoes at Public Garden, which is a tradeshow you can look out for, at $65. For how often I have worn them, I would say this is a really good price because it is a well-designed, timeless and a quality pair of shoes. They have many other designs as well, from other heeled sandals to mules :) I look forward to seeing more from this lovely brand. 



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