Foodporn: Massizim

Hey guys! So I am finally back after such a long hiatus due to exams - now that it's over you can be excited about all the content I will start to post. 

A while back I actually dined at this new Korean restaurant called Massizim which specialises in different sort of Korean stews - slightly heartier than the usual fried chicken and also a little more Korean than the fried chicken stores we see nowadays that have western elements as well.
We ordered several different kinds of stew. The first we ordered was this Beef Rib Soup, $16 on the menu. It definitely reminds me of the Beef Bulgogi soup you would have at any standard Korean restaurant, but certainly with more meat.

The portion for $16 is honestly decent and you can see there is a sizeable amount of glass noodle and radish inside. The soup was just the right balance of sweet and salty so it was really good!

Another plus for me is that this comes with a healthy brown rice!
The next item we tried was the seafood stew here which had prawns, squids, mussels, and some enoki mushrooms in a spicy soup stew.

The soup had a lot of flavour and it is definitely a rich broth compared to the clear one before. Personally I really liked this a lot although what I wish was that they gave a bit more broth as towards the end (since there is a fire beneath) the soup was sort of concentrated and there wasn't a whole lot to drink. Still, the ingredients were fresh and this had a refreshing taste.

Another main we decided to try was the Spicy noodles, which would basically be Bibim Myeon (cold spicy buckwheat noodles). Normally I don't really eat this outside because the sauce is too sweet for me, but I found it really good here, and the cold refreshing taste of the noodles with the cucumber and kimchi really balances out a hot, spicy stew.

We simply could not come to this restaurant without trying their beef rib stew which is what they are famous for. We added some cheese in this to give it a more gooey and savoury taste (although frankly speaking because it melts into the soup it doesn't really taste that obvious). What I would've really liked would be the option to add some Korean ramen (although is this taboo?) because I can honestly picture how perfect ramen would be a in a rich stew like this. Once again, very very flavourful, and they give you a considerable amount of beef rib inside here. The beef was soft and juicy and it was certainly cooked well. The soup, however, is thicker and slightly sweeter than your normal Korean stew you might expect elsewhere.

Overall, the experience at Massizim was great. There are just two side dishes which are refillable - pickled radish and kimchi. The price here is rather steep in my opinion, and it was only a good deal to me because I bought their discounted coupon off of Fave (previously Groupon) which gave me a pretty large saving. The soups were a little sweet for my liking so I don't think I would eat this often.

Another thing to note is that in my opinion this is certainly a place to go for more than a person because the prices might be steep for a single diner - it is much better as a dinner place for sharing aka with at least 2 pax. I went to the Somerset313 outlet which was really quite packed that day so service was rather slow and it was hard to grab the waiter's attention (by no fault of their own - perhaps the management could hire a few more waiters)

But that's all for Massizim! I hope you enjoyed this post. I certainly recommend this place to be tried out at least once because there is something different about coming here compared to other places.

Thank you for reading :)



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