❤ Weekend Haul ❤ Brandy Melville, Forever 21 and Uniqlo

Hello ❤

I'm back today with a really fun weekend haul - I picked up quite a few bits and bobs last week and I thought I would do a haul of everything.

As you guys know, I visit the Brandy store every single week at least once or twice to get the awesome stickers but also to see what new stuff they put out. No doubt Brandy has been getting super expensive lately and as such I really don't buy as much as I think I would in terms of apparels. I do, however, love their accessories. And last week they released the brandy pins into the store! I couldn't not get anything knowing full well how much I adore Brandy, so I chose to get 2 pins :)
I got them in the honey and the rose design as you can see, and they were $7 each which is still alright for a pin. I'm actually thanking my lucky stars I didn't buy the rose pin on Carousell earlier because someone was selling it for $10 which is insanely overpriced. The honey design is actually one of my new favourites, but I didn't get the embroidered shirt at the store because the colour was way too yellow for my liking - I kinda felt like I looked like a minion 😂😂😂. Instead, I enjoy getting the little accessories that have the honey design on it - the socks, the pin etc.
I didn't ask for a big plastic bag since it was just 2 pins really - and the staff lady was really nice she offered me these super cute black satin bags! So far I've already used the rose pin - I attached it to the back of my Rebel cap and it looks super cute (kind of the Korean style where they have that hanging strap at the back). I'll show it to you guys in the next post when I have an outfit! As for the honey pin I think it would be super cute to pin on my denim jacket - but I haven't worn that jacket yet so I'll try it at a later time ;)

I then went to Forever 21 at Orchard Xchange which is sadly going to close soon and their store is literally so empty there's barely anything cute there omg :( But I did manage to find this super cute anklet set for $5:

You guys know how much I love anything lunar / solar so this whole moon and stars thing totally worked for me. I have no damn clue when I would ever wear the black ribbon anklet so I do think I will either sell them away / give it to a friend whom I think can pull it off. I've tried them on already - really think you can only wear these with lower cut shoes because in my Stan Smiths they were a tad bit uncomfortable. Still, anklets have been trendy lately and it was fun to try it at such a good price too.

I also went to Forever 21 at Vivocity the next day and I chanced upon this super cute oil slick mesh-like choker as well. You will see this in an outfit soon so look forward to it! It was $7

Something really great I want to mention is that F21 has brought back their student discount with no minimum purchase - all you have to do is flash your student card and you can get 10% off from Monday to Sunday. So thankful this discount came back 😁

And lastly I'm normally not a Uniqlo person but.... I have been seeing some really fun Singaporean Youtubers doing these Uniqlo shopping challenges and when I saw these shorts in the video I thought they were so cute and so Korean style with a cute blouse / one of those layering looks with a top and a camisole. These White Highwaisted Drape Shorts were $19.90, down from $29.90 for the week. I got one pair of them in size M and I really enjoy how comfy they are as well as the fact that they are not sheer - now these chiffon shorts do tend to be sheer from past experiences trying such shorts on from other brands. Thankfully these shorts are well-lined and they won't give you that issue which was something I really liked as well.

That's all! I still have an upcoming Brandy clothing haul as well as a Taobao haul I'm excited to show you - so stay tuned. Food posts will be up as well when I have time. 

Thank you for reading! 



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